ey Performance
Indicators (KPI's)

A cloud based KPI reporting & viewing platform allows us to provide any combination of KPI's that a customer requests.

Custom KPIs development is fast & easily displayed to managers or your entire company.  Our system allows you to decide on reporting intervals & we give you the flexibility to choose how you want to see your data. 

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What Are KPI's?

KPI's or Key Performance Indicators are the important parts of any data you collect. For each industry or business the KPI's collected will be different. 

Some industries such as health care have some pre-defined KPI's. But you can think of KPI's as the information in reports that you look for meaning. The goal of KPI's and reporting is to ensure that you get timely information to stop problems as early on as you can. Additionally, KPI's showing positive trends can be used to spawn institutional improvement or identify best/better practices. 

KPIs Keep You Informed

Most business or institutions don't realize that they are losing a huge advantage when it comes to leveraging their information to further their business. Relying on daily, weekly or monthly reports from your team is time consuming and often a waste of manpower. Frankly, it is inefficient. Our vision is to take your data directly from your already functioning systems or to build you a simple online reporting tool to turn your reports into concise, actionable reports.


Data, Anywhere

Your reporting data can be entered from anywhere using any internet enabled device such as a phone, tablet or computer.


Easy & Efficient

Assign team members to report your important info and distribute the task to as many team members as you like. Easy & efficient.



Data can be shared within your group. Different groups can have user dashboards designed to meet their specific needs.

Uniquely Yours

You'll decide what data is important & how to view it. No more looking for a lost report. Your data is as close as your phone

KPI's "Your Decision Tool"

In today's world, decisions are more critical then ever. It is important to have all the information you need at hand at a moments notice. 

Our customized KPI/Reporting solutions are tailored to fit exact needs of our customers. We specialize in health care KPI's, a highly critical environment where mistakes can cost lives. Our KPI solutions are in use numerous premier health care facilities in the Middle East. 

We have developed and make available our most affordable and advanced cloud based KPI/Reporting system for hospitals, clinics and businesses in the Philippines. This system will be sold as a subscription service. A basic set of KPI's will cost monthly, less then a nice dinner out with your spouse.

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