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Business Operations!

We offer start up packages to new companies and small business in the Philippines. 

Our basic packages can get your business up and running with a highly professional digital presence.

We provide websites and hosting, domains, company email and a variety of associated services all at a very competitive price. 

Business Services

We offer a wide variety of services and work with small companies to improve their online presence and professional appearance. High quality websites and hosting do a great deal to project a professional image for your company. In the age of "Google it" you can not afford to have a second rate website use yahoo or gmail in professional communications. 

For many small companies the cost of having good online services is too much so we work hard to ensure that all services that we provide are inexpensive and highly professional. 

All of the products and services we provide are built on state of the art cloud services so they are available to you anywhere you can get online. 

Company Websites

High quality websites help project a professional image for your business. We believe quality & reasonable prices go hand in hand.

Our sites are designed with the most up-to-date standards and are excellent value for your business.

Email & More

If you own a domain, we can provide you with the company email address.

If you don't own a domain, let us purchase one for you and get you moving toward the professional image your business deserves with a new website & email service.

Advanced Services

We can design and deploy many advanced services for your business.

Need to collect data? No Problem. Want online reporting from multiple locations, we've done it! Interested in KPI's for your business? We have them ready for you!

Company Website & Email

15,000 . per year
  • Domain

    Website Design & Hosting

    Company Email Addresses

    Support & Training

Personal E-Commerce

20,000 .  and up per year
  • Domain
  • CMS Website & Shopping Cart

    Design & Hosting
  • Company Email Addresses
  • Support & Training
  • Support for Online Payments

Company E-Commerce

30,000 . and up per year
  • Domain
  • CMS Website & Shopping Cart
  • Design & Hosting
  • Company Email Addresses
  • Support & Training
  • Support for Online Payments

* All Prices are in Philippine Pesos

Company Website & Email

Designed for small to medium sized business this eye-catching website is designed to attract customers. Using the company name as the address we then provide you with business email addresses. 

This type of website is easy to maintain and we will train you to do your own updates, or we can do them for you.

When your ready to take your business to the next level, please contact us.

Personal E-Commerce

Designed for individual online sellers or small vendors that have been selling thru social media and are ready to move up to becoming a real online retailer. 

Our e-commerce sites give you an easy to maintain online catalog that is able to show your products in the best possible way. 

Buyers will love the shopping cart and multiple online payment options.

Company E-Commerce

Commercial e-commerce is designed for small to medium shops that want to sell to online customers. Your products will be grouped and catagorized, your inventory will be tracked and you will have the ability to hold sales and online events.

Shopping cart, online payments and other advanced seller features will give you a solid online platform to sell your goods.

When you're ready, let us know!

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