Smart Recruiter

A system to improve the speed and efficiency of international
recruitment. Designed specifically for recruitment agencies in the Philippines.

Smart Recruiter will improve your customer and applicant satisfaction while at the same time allow you to process applicants more quickly and at a lower cost.

Feature rich and highly efficient. Contact us for a demo.

Smart Recruiter

We are please to share Smart Recruiter with agencies in the Philippines. This system was designed specifically for them using distinct specialized modules. There is a HR section that allows you to post and process applicants. This means that when you add a new job posting, that job posting is automatically added to a job list on your website. This can be a simple automated list of jobs or as an option, our support centre can add them to your visually appealing website devoted to only job listings. Additionally, when an applicant applies for one of your posted jobs they are categorized under the specific posting that they applied for and are automatically added to the HR system for processing.

Employers will like the ability to administer online screening exams to their applicants and agencies can use this as a feature to attract more employers. Employers also have a website (part of your site) that they may log into and see the applicants that are being processed and see their progress.

Agency managers have predefined reports that are updated automatically on each viewing to allow them to keep track of the progress of each individual recruitment specialist. 


Employer pages

These pages allow employers to keep up to date with their candidates progression thru the recruitment process. This will keep employers "in the loop" & allow recruiters to focus recruitment.


Job Postings

Job posting will appear on your agency page. All links are unique so you can post specific jobs on social media and not worry about the applications getting confused with other applicants.


Manager Reporting

Managers see ongoing progress of every applicant in real time. There is no need for daily reports or updates as the manager updates online and the ability to view them anywhere they have internet

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