Start Your Business Without Capital

Business Opportunity

What we are offering is the opportunity for you to resell our services at a discount. Currently we are offering our small business services for resale by average, everyday, normal Filipinos who are based inside of the Philippines. 

How it works, you find small business, hotels, shops that need a website. You become the seller of the website and we do all the design and work. When the website is finished and they customer pays us the fee, we give you a very generous one time commission.


Many people work for companies or bosses dreaming of owning their own business, but few ever turn their dreams into reality. With SmartMed's reseller program, we give you a professional product to sell and all you need to do is go out and find your customers. 

An Easy To Start Business

We give you an easy to sell product that costs you NOTHING.

You will earn 33% of the sales price of every website you sell. The example below is for our basic and least expensive package. We have sold a huge number of these packages already so we have decided to give this opportinity to a limited number of people in the Philippines.

Breakdown of Commissions

This is an example of the commissions paid for our Basic Business Package, Personal E-Commerce and Company E-Commerce website pagkages.

Often when a customer comes to us for a basic package they decide to upgrade to a more complex package.  If a customer upgrades to a more expensive package you will be paid a higher commission based on the final sale price that the customer chooses.


Your Earnings (PHP)

Our Basic Business Package (website, domain, company email) and support will cost about 15000 pesos/year for your customer 

This is a very inexpensive price for a growing company or small business so selling this type of site is not very difficult.


Your Earnings (PHP)

Personal E-Commerce is a selling site with shopping cart, online payments and the ability to easily sell products online.

This site will appeal to small vendors and people who have been successful using Facebook to sell but are now ready to have a real online business.


Your Earnings (PHP)

Company E-Commerce sites are for established sellers with a large inventory and the need to keep track of sales and inventory.

A beautifully designed and highly professional looking site. Multiple online payment options. This is for a growing company and projects success to your customers.

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Fill in the form and in the message section tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are interested.

Once we receive your message we will start the process of signing you up to join our team. 

* We will not ask you for any fees or payments.

We only want to give motivated people an opportunity to start their own business as a sales associate working with us at SmartMed.

All we ask is that you treat our customers in a professional way and do your best.

There is a chance for a select few who prove themselves to be exceptional to join our company in sales positions.

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